Saturday, July 31, 2010

Samples and Beta Stuff

So, first off, we have new samples available on the sample page. These include 3:4 crop pdf for the iPad's aspect ratio. and 10:16 for some tablet PC. Also the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX samples are down at the bottom.

All of the new formats are only available from the Beta links. On the front page you can choose the 'Kindle(Beta) TPP' or AFD. Which has all the beta downloads, not just Kindle.

Once on the page to choose what you want to download, be sure to select 'eBook' or 'Device Specific Output' for Kindle, nook, Sony, Kobo, and any other EPUB downloads. While the PDFs will work on Kindle, they won't include index or table of contents.(The PDF indexes work fine on most other PDF readers)

After choosing eBook or Device Specific, be sure to choose YOUR device as each file, even EPUB is specially formatted to look best on specific screen sizes and device options.

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