Sunday, December 18, 2011

FAA Aeronav and Chartbundle

So, as you all know, FAA Aeronav is going to switch to a pay as much as we want if you want our products model. Basically, this gives Chartbundle two options.

1. Shut down in April.

2. Find a source for scanned versions of the charts that we use for a reasonable price.

Obviously shutting down is the most likely scenario.

You'll notice there is no option 3. Pay Aeronav. as we have two problems with that.
1. Chartbundle has nowhere near the funding to support even the lowest Aeronav pricing tier(about $10,000 as I recall)

2. Aeronav wants DRM or other protections on the (public domain) data distributed. Although the PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats which we use all support DRM, it would significantly reduce the number of working devices and significantly increase our workload to support it with no increase in customer satisfaction.

Obviously, we'll update if things change.

The plan for my personal flying: Subscribe to a paper A/FD, use my Windows 7 tablet for my Jeppesen subscription and hope the Android Jeppesen application comes out soon.

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