Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Android Sectional Charts

So, there are more sectional chart applications on Android now. The problem is that some of them look HORRIBLE.

So, I tool photos of the 4 aviation apps and 1 non-aviation app of roughly the same sectional to show how they look. The areas are crops of the same screen size, the differences in the size of the airport is just slightly different zoom levels for each app.

RMS Technology Express

The less said about this almost totally unreadable screenshot the better.


Not bad.

Avilution AviationMaps:


Garmin Pilot:

Almost perfect, the TACs though start looking a little odd, like they were compressed expecting to be the same size as the Sectional.

OruxMaps with Chartbundle Data:

The best by a hair, but also the largest by far. A full sectional is about 160MB. (Garmin is 70MB or so)

And as a follow-up, yes, Chartbundle is planning for full-sectional downloads for OruxMaps, and Locus in the near future.

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