Thursday, August 2, 2012

UPS myChoice(aka noChoice)

So, I had a package arriving today, signature required via UPS, all of which is fine as I've signed up for their 'myChoice' service which lets me tell them to hold it at the depot, or for a fee pick it up at the closer UPS store. So, I got the tracking info a couple days ago, logged in and tried the 'Change Delivery' button, which just gave me an error. I saw an option for 'Vacation' and for a small fee per package they'd deliver to the UPS store, great, I put that option in.

Today I get home to the UPS yellow note. So, I go in with the new number and find a 'Change Delivery' button again. Yay, now I have an option. The only option is 'Return To Sender'.

Sigh. So I call them.

The helpful lady on the phone tells me that the shipper has said they can't change the shipment, it will be attempted 3 times and then maybe I can go pick it up at the depot. Really, I can't even have them just not put it on the truck tomorrow.

So much fail.

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