Saturday, May 23, 2009

FliteDeck in Flight

I did the first flight with Jeppesen's FliteDeck on my Samsung Q1-EL the other day. Left the Sacramento area and went down to Marina(OAR).

The software performed as expected, good location tracking on the charts, nice view of upcoming terrain, not too difficult to enter new waypoints and change things on the fly. The FliteDeck keyboard sometimes was interfered with by the Windows Touch Pointer, so since the Samsung has hard L+R buttons I may turn it off.

The Q1 has Windows 2007 loaded and all worked fine, including my change to make the AVS Now button show the desktop, so then I can choose the PDF AFD or other things from the desktop. The Samsung menu button went away about halfway through and stopped showing the control panel. I may need an update for 2007 or just to find a replacement. That control panel also gave me grief in Vista before I wiped and reinstalled the system from the factory build.

I need to work on the mount geometry some more(RAM yoke mount) and get the cable for the GPS situated better(Garmin Emap with a USB cable so it's powered directly) as it's a little unwieldy.

Otherwise a good flight, didn't need to refer to any paper except the AFD, which I forgot to just switch to the PDF.

Monday, May 4, 2009

AFD Ready to go.

Ok, the PDF for the Airport Facility Directory for the cycle starting May 7 is up. Full books for each region as well as broken down by state.

The indexes look mostly correct, I'm not totally sure about the Pacific and Alaska Supplement parsing though.

Next steps, TPP and making the software to assemble a PDF on the fly. Hopefully all live by the next cycle.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I've gotten ChartBlob setup, all that's missing is charts.

I have A/FD data in-house and am working to get it indexed and blobbed to have on-line by May 7 for the start of the cycle.

I should have TPP data ready to go by the next charting cycle after that.