Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sony Reader... v0.00003

The AFD has finally been parsed, mutilated, reparsed, blended, modified, blended some more and finally uploaded.

All current cycle(27 August 2009) Airport Facility Directory PDFs for the Sony Reader have been uploaded.

Check out the gallery: Chartblob Gallery and then if they look decent, try a download.

(Free, no registration required.)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sony Reader... v0.00002

Ok, the Approach plates have been updated to version _2 with a better rendering. They look to be readable now.

Also, the AFD for SW has been uploaded too. at the bottom.

These should also render acceptably on some other 800x600 devices like UMPCs. But I've not actually tried them.

Sony Reader Plates... v0.00001

The first version of the Sony Reader plates for SW-2 are on the website, mostly as a technology demo.
Photos of them on the PRS-505 are here: Gallery
The actual download: at the bottom.

The rest of the plates can be generated, but I switched to working on the AFD first, then I'll try and generate the full set.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sony Reader and Approach Plates

So, I picked up a Sony Reader(PRS-505) to use as a backup to the tablet PC. The nice thing about it is that the chartblob approach plates and Airport Facility Directory work fine out of the box, just mount it via USB and copy. I do still need to finish up the Java creator for the assembled PDFs so I can generate a closer cropped version which should be more readable, as they're a little small now and would be difficult to use in flight.