Sunday, September 16, 2012

20 September 2012 VFR and IFR Raster Charts

The 20 September VFR and IFR charts are now live.

In addition we have changed the back end to use a different proxy server, for TMS requests there should be no change(we still support type=google and the base zoom is the same as before). On the WMS side you should be able to get a full WMS instead of a restricted WMS-C. But we still encourage use of TMS for best performance.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

20 September 2012 AFD and Approach Plates

The 20 September 2012 A/FD and Approach Plates are now live.

Additionally we've added the ability to choose current or next cycle for all the pre-created types(ipad, pdf, etc). If it's more than 7 days to the next cycle it now defaults to the current cycle, then the next cycle when within 7 days.