Monday, May 27, 2013

30 May 2013 and new SAR Grid Downloads

The 30 May 2013 VFR charts, and approach plates are all updated. Additionally, we've added SAR grids as an option for our downloadable charts. This is the CAP(Conventional) and Cell Grid system we have available on our CONUS on-line charts now available for download. You can find them by going here: Chart Download choosing a format to download in the left box(KML/KMZ, OruxMaps, RMaps, or PDF) and the chart type on the right side, the gridded versions are at the bottom of the list for the 3 VFR chart types. And then click the 'Show Charts' button. For non-cropped charts the grids will extend into the margins due to limitations of our system. Like all of our charts these are created from the up to date versions currently loaded on our system. Grids are currently only available for the lower 48 states.

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