Saturday, May 11, 2013

iPad Mini Power Use

After seeing several discussions of power use on tablets, I decided to start measuring some of mine. I have a 32GB iPad Mini WiFi only.

Testing Methodolgy:
Waited for iPad to charge fully when powered off to mostly remove battery charging impact. Used Garmin GLO and house WiFi access point(2.4GHz) for testing.

Result Summary:
Highest power user was the backlight, tripling the idle power when changed from minimum to maximum. Next highest was when CPU was at high load(moving screen quickly). WiFi and BT used minimal power except during large transfers(some of that was probably CPU not directly WiFi).

Mode Wireless Amps Watts
Min Backlight/Home Screen Off 0.20 1.03
Max Backlight/Home Screen Off 0.59 3.04
Home Screen Wifi On 0.59 3.04
WiFi Download WiFi On 0.68 3.50
BT Settings Screen BT On, Discoverable 0.61 3.14
Home Screen BT On, No Devices 0.59 3.04
Home Screen Garmin GLO BT On 0.59 3.04
WingX Garmin GLO, Stationary BT On 0.62 3.17
WingX Garmin GLO, Moving Map quickly by hand BT On 0.78 3.98
WingX Sim via WiFi, Stationary WiFi On 0.62 3.18
WingX Sim via WiFi, 170 Kts, Zoomed In WiFi On 0.62 3.19

Notes: After Minimum Backlight test all were done with Backlight on Maximum. 'Sim via WiFi' is driving WingX via WiFi data from X-Plane.

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